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Becoming a Professional Agrologist

A key role of Agrologists Agronomes Canada is to help provincial agrology regulators develop and coordinate national standards. A national entry to practice education standards is in the public interest and helps to reinforce confidence in the agrology profession.

Canada’s provincial institutes of agrology  have agreed on a New National Education Standard that all applicants must meet to become a Professional Agrologist (PAg). Adhering to a national education standard will support mobility rights by ensuring that all agrologists have acquired the necessary basic and scientific knowledge required to be recognized as an agrology professional in any province in Canada.

Provincial agrology regulators are each responsible for education requirements for admission as agrologists in their province.  Many provincial agrology regulators*  are already using the new standard in their admission process. Other provincial regulators are reviewing how to address challenges to implement these new standard.

Read the full report about the National Education Standard: 2017_May_AdHocCttee_Report.

To explore entrance requirements, please contact the provincial Institute of Agrologists where you reside (see Regulators page for links).