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Inter-Provincial Transfers

Registration Transfer and Registration In More Than One Province 

If you are currently a Professional Agrologist (PAg), agronome (agr.), or a Technologist in Agrology (TAg), are practicing in one province, and wish to be registered in another province due to a work transfer or because you intend to work in more than one province, your professional designation is immediately recognized by the new province(s). For example, a PAg or agr. can hold dual memberships with two different provincial institutes.

This is the fundamental principle of labour mobility in Canada that must be adhered to by all provincial regulators.


The provincial institutes have adopted a standard process making it easy to transfer registration  in one, or more than one, province. The process is consistent with labor mobility requirements of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, revised and signed by federal Ministers in July 2017 (formally called The Agreement on Internal Trade). The process is efficient, reduces paperwork, and ensures the public is protected.

If you are currently a PAg or agr., follow the three-step process below:

  1. Complete a registration application form from the new provincial institute(s) where you want to become registered. The registration form is necessary as it allows the new province to capture needed information and open a new file for you.
    See an example of a Specimen Transfer Form
  2. Contact your home institute; inform them you are required to become registered in another province, and provide authorization to send your file to the other province(s).  Note that if you are ceasing membership in your original province; check when your current membership will be terminated.
  3. Remit the appropriate fees in the new province(s).

For further information on the agrology profession in one of the nine provinces go to Provincial Regulators.

Registrars and Admissions Committees 

The Federal Labour Mobility Coordinating Group (LMCG) developed a Guide for Regulatory Authorities. The document outlines guiding principles for requesting information during the application process for inter-provincial transfer of regulated members.

Registration Transfer for Articling Registrants (in training)

Most of the provincial regulators have an articling program for aspiring agrology professions.  The goals of articling program are:

  • to provide an introduction into the provincial regulatory body
  • to encourage active registration and participation in local and provincial agrology related events and professional development activities.
  • to pair with an established registered agrology professional as part of a mentoring program, and to be introduced to their professional network of contacts
  • to offer an opportunity to learn and gain an appreciation for the responsibilities and ethics of being an agrology professional

The process to for articling members to transfer provinces to continue their studies is almost the same:

  1. Complete a registration application with the new provincial institute(s) where you want to become registered.
    See an example of a transfer in application form (from the destination province)
  2. Contact your home institute to inform them you are transferring to another province, the effective date, and provide authorization to send your file and transcripts to the new province.
  3. Follow the instructions from the new provincial regulator.