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OAQ - Signed agreement for acts reserved in agroforestry


OAQ – Signed agreement for acts reserved in agroforestry

As part of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec (OAQ) conference held on October 19, 2018 in Boucherville, Québec, respective presidents M. Michel Duval of OAQ and M. François Laliberté of Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec (OIFQ) signed an agreement that outlines the acts reserved for agroforestry.
In Québec, there is a degree of consensus on the following definition of “agroforestry”:
“Agroforestry is an integrated system that relies on the intentional association of trees or shrubs with crops or livestock and whose interaction generates economic, environmental and social benefits.”
However, when we refer to trees, shrubs, crops, or livestock related to agroforestry systems, it is important to specify the person who can carry out the various diagnoses and professional and agroforestry acts. In the agreement, two tables specifically describe the distribution of reserved acts relating to agroforestry systems on forest and agricultural lands.
Read the agreement (in French only)

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