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Business management, investment, marketing and supply chains


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Business management, investment, marketing and supply chains

Involves all aspects of business management, including: Acquisition of investment capital Marketing and market development Management of supply chains  

Education, teaching and extension

Involves education rather than applied practice, including: Classroom education or long-distance education associated with a variety of universities and colleges Extension activities and information sharing to government and/or industry personnel, landowners and primary producers  

Human resource and operations management

Involves management rather than technical practice, including: Project management Human resource management Budgeting Policy and program development Strategic planning  

Project planning and management

Involves work with a diverse group of technical consultants and staff to ensure that project objectives are on time and on budget Activities: Project development Planning Initiation controlling and reporting

Regulatory support and consultation

Operates within a regulatory environment Many who work in this area have expertise in legislation and regulatory requirements Regulatory support for clients includes consultation in support of development applications and approvals required under legislation such as: The Water Act Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Agricultural Operations and Practices Act Activities: Environmental impact assessments Pre-disturbance assessments […]

Research, technology development, transfer and application

Involves research and development of technologies to enhance the management of agricultural and environmental resources Involvement may be direct or indirect Research may be pure research or applied research focusing on a variety of agrology-related interests