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Agricultural economics and trade


Group Archives: Agriculture

Agricultural economics and trade

Involves policy, international trade and economic analysis Activities: Work within government, banking and industry or provide independent consulting services Research and teaching with various organizations, universities and colleges  

Agricultural finance

Involves interactions between agriculture and financial institutions Involves studying the effects of economic policies on agriculture and farm-operator families and businesses Activities: Agricultural loans Manage lending portfolios for producers Agri-business and agri-food operations

Agricultural technology transfer

Involves optimizing the use of input products such as fertilizers, pesticides and animal nutrition products Activities: Work for agricultural retail outlets, focused on the business side of production agriculture Work closely with specialists including researchers to ensure their clients’ production needs are met Provide advice to support productivity, resource conservation and profitability  

Agroforestry (some provinces have a distinctive profession for this area of practice)

Involves land management practices that incorporate woody perennials into an agricultural production system Activities: Tree physiology Soil fertility and chemistry Weed management Tree pathology Pest management  


Core knowledge areas: Use scientific knowledge integrating plant nutrition, soil chemistry and physics, ecology, plant pests, geomatics and hydrology to reduce agricultural impact on the environment Activities: Improving nutrient management Integrated pest management Adoption of conservation tillage soil Planning and protection of riparian streams Planning windbreaks map


Core knowledge areas: Fish health and nutrition Shellfish production Physiology of aquatic animals Aquacultural engineering Activities: Manage or provide technical inputs for fish farms Conduct research on fish or shellfish production Conduct environmental assessments on proposed sites Advise on fish health and nutrition requirements  

Land evaluation, conservation planning and management

Core knowledge areas: Economics Soil chemistry and fertility Physical geography Landscape pedology Crop condition optimization Activities: Develop optimization and conservation plans Develop policies and programs Land capability classification Plan regional and municipal land use

Crop development, production and management

Core knowledge areas: Plant breeding and genetics Plant physiology and nutrition Pest management Members may work with food, industrial and other special purpose crops Activities: Develop new crops and/or improve existing crops Crop rotation planning Field scouting Crop variety and tissue testing Provide agronomic consultation to producers Identify and control crop disease Identify nutrient needs […]

Horticulture, fruit, vegetable and turf development, production and management

Core knowledge areas: Plant breeding and genetics Plant physiology and nutrition for horticultural crops Integrated pest management Activities: Market gardening Orchard management Turf management Develop and manage vegetation for landscaping Optimization of crop conditions  

International development

Includes a wide variety of expertise related to international development work including crop and livestock production, hydrology, financial management, environmental remediation and protection, marketing, and economic and community development Activities: Assist with crop and livestock production Community development Disaster relief