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  • February, 2018

    The updated Act was officially gazetted by the Saskatchewan government, on Friday, January 19, 2018. View the Agrologists Act.
    The main amendments in the Act include:

    1. Updating the definition of “practice agrology” with new wording that encompasses environmental practice(s).
    2. Removing reference in the Act to “agricultural technologists” and the statement that they cannot practice independently. This will allow amendments in the bylaws to harmonize the designation (T.Ags) the same as Manitoba and Alberta, and provide a limited licence to practice independently for Tech Ag’s.
    3. The Act also provides for a second public representative to the provincial council, to increase public representation beyond the farming community.
    4. Smaller administrative changes included for example, references to a “licence to practice”, the term used in the Model Professions Act, 2013 for self-regulated professions that have both right to title and right to practice.

    For more details about the new legislation and its impacts on the profession, contact Al Scholz, PAg, SIA Executive Director & Registrar, at: 306-242-2606 or

  • February, 2018

    To comply with the Canadian Free Trade and the New West Partnership agreements addressing labor mobility, the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) confirmed last August, that they will accept all professional agrologists registered from another province, who request membership in Alberta. Read the Signed Letter sent to all to Provincial Institutes.
    Should you have any questions about transferring registration to the Alberta Institute of Agrologists or about dual registration, contact David Lloyd, P.Ag, AIA Registrar, at 780-435-0606 or

    Learn about the 3-StepsTransfer Process.

  • December, 2017

  • September, 2017

    Jobs survey finds growing demand for agriculture graduates

  • August, 2017

    Federal government extends food policy discussions

    Citing a strong response from across the country, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay has extended the public consultations on a National Food Policy until August 31st 2017.
    Following a successful food policy summit held in Ottawa in June, the Government of Canada will be holding regional engagement sessions across Canada throughout August and September. Stakeholders, Indigenous groups, experts, and key policy makers will be invited to attend these sessions and share their views on the development of A Food Policy for Canada.
    Read more

    A Food Policy for Canada: Let's build it together

  • July, 2017

    Agrologists of Canada, book early!

    Farm Management Canada (FMC) will host the Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) in Ottawa, November 21-23, 2017.
    The Agricultural Excellence Conference is a one-of-a-kind event in Canada, focusing on bringing diverse industry experts and stakeholders together from across disciplines, regions and commodity sectors to share and explore beneficial farm management practices, advice, and insight with leading farm business thinkers.  Farmers, advisors, academics, organizations, corporations and government will join together in Ottawa to discuss today’s hot topics related to managing Canada’s farms for success.

    Amongst many others, come to meet and hear Terry Betker, P.Ag, Manitoba Institute of Agrologists (MIA) and President of Backswath Management Inc.

    Details and registration at GAC-AgrEx2017.

  • March, 2017

    From soil and seed to water and weeds, Professional Agrologists (P.Ags) work collectively to ensure that Canadians continue to have a healthy environment to grow healthy food and build our economy.
    The following two articles on agrology practice demonstrate how agrology is a trendy and promising profession, that offers diverse opportunities.
    In Alberta and western Canada, environmental work brings new professional opportunities for P.Ags., in industry sectors such as energy and mining.  Business is booming for P.Ags in Alberta by Glenn Cheater, Alberta Farmer Express
    In Canadian cities and municipalities, Agrologists provide expertise to decision makers under the trendy topic of Urban Agriculture, so that urban families can grow or access local fresh and healthy food. Urban Agriculture, by David Wees, Agr., McGill University.

  • March, 2017

    It is Annual General Meeting (AGM) Season for most provincial agrologists institutes.aga-image

    View the Calendar and visit provincial websites for more details.

  • January, 2017

    P.Ags are invited to celebrate this day with Agrologists Canada.

    If you are involved in celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day on February 16, 2017 , we would be delighted if you would consider sharing photos with AAC by sending them to:  We are looking for “action” photos that represent agrology activity. We need pictures to create our photo bank. Photos we use will be appropriately credited.
    Share your photos and messages and become “agvocates” on Facebook or Twitter on the Agriculture More than Ever web site. And find more ideas about celebrating Canadian agriculture in engaging, fun and respectful ways.

    The majority of the 10,000 agrologists in Canada work at different levels to develop our Canadian agriculture.  So show-it, talk to us and say it to all Canadians.  Unveil the P.Ags!

  • December, 2016



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